Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Friends of Kai

Well, they are her first friends: her dolls. Let me introduce them:

Winnie the Pooh or "poo" as he is known around here. I think pooh is in our DNA as every kid i know is a friend of pooh, me included.

Bunny Bear....who is also the first cast-off. Bunny-Bear/Bear-Rabbit/Bear.....was the first doll chosen by Kai at the age of 10months. She played with bunny bear all the time! Then one day, she moved on to Pooh.....soo terribly sad. She will love you again, I swear.

Well with pooh comes his friends. Any friend of pooh is a friend of kai! So there you get tigger. eeyore (ahhhweee-to kai) and piglet(kahko, keiko, coo coo-to kai...not pictured)

But oh so great was our next door neighbors bringing home sammy. thats them playing ball together.

She loves playing with real kids too, I will introduce you later to the other children.

Till than, Mommy4kai

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